Argus Mailroom Assistant

Latter Flats Parcels

Argus Mailroom Assistant optimizes manual route and sequence sorting by using leading Readingtechnology. Argus Mailroom Assistant can be installed to any existing mail sorting frame or sorting workstation.

Argus Mailroom Assistant operation

The mail piece addresses are automatically read, and the red Address with the Shelfnumber are shown on a display. With the help of Argus Address, current manual based sorting process can be accelerated significantly enabling cost savings for the customer.

The Readingsignal is generated automaticly eventbased by the camera. That menans the image capture and reading does not require any interaction.

Unrecognized addresses are easy to resolve with an video coding mode.

Key benefits

  • Significantly improved sorting throughput.

  • No need for operator training or prior sorting experience

  • Language independent.

  • Can be used without any address or delivery route knowledge.

  • On-the-fly address error correction.

  • Mail piece sequencing and forwarding with delivery point recognition.

  • Easy installation into existing working stations and mail sorting racks.

  • Can replace automated sorting equipment when volumes are too low for machine sorting.