Video coding, whether online or offline, allows to capture data manually that was not read, or not read with enough confidence by the OCR. Planet offers solutions where the data can be captured locally, or be transferred to a central processing center.

Argus Video Coding is a software solution for manually capturing addresses. It can be utilized to capture addresses rejected by the ICR / OCR system, or as a stand-alone solution without an OCR. Argus Video Coding runs on a single workstation or can be scaled to process image volume on a master server with multiple networked entry stations. Argus Video Coding allows for the most efficient data capturing, featuring image pre-processing to optimize images in terms of brightness, contrast and focus. It conjunction with an addres DRS it also offers an auto-complete functionality with color prompting once a unique address is identified.


Video Coder Station


  • Online / offline video coding
  • Efficient collection of data from parcels , letters and flats
  • Automatic optimization of image on display
  • Highlights and auto-rotates the address-block
  • Ideal for capturing hard-to -read information
  • User-friendly system including statistics functionality 
  • Standard hardware, Linux OS
  • Scalable according to requirements