As digital for speeding and red light violations

AS_digital is a modular software solution for processing of captured speed and red light violations.

Image analysis in digital quality. Utilized for negative films and digital images from traffic monitoring. AS_digital comprises a wet film scanner with high resolution digital camera, software modules as well as corresponding PC technology.


  • Fast and reliable image acquisition
  • Automated transaction processing (find - detection readout - archiving)
  • analysis of all types of film or digital images
  • Data transmission to all common ticketing systems
  • Simple and user-friendly operation


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  • Automatic detection and storage of the following data:
    • Total photo optimized for brightness and contrast
    • Driver image position and blow-up
    • All captured data is displayed in image (date, time, speed etc.)
    • License Plate
  • Recognition of the data display of all common film types ( Truvelo , ESO, Multanova , Traffipax , etc.)
  • Examination of the licence plates and data for plausibility (data not plausible is detected and marked for manual processing)
  • Auto-completion of case data, such as given speed limit, location, officer’s name, etc.
  • User friendly display of data provided by the Master_digital
  • Rapid post- process of digitized data
  • Efficient review and completion of individual cases
  • Manual post processing of marked cases (un-plausible data, foreign license plate ,etc ...)
  •  Digital images can be manually modified if needed:
    • enlarged / reduced
    • image area enlargement
    • cropped
    • brightened
    • contrast enhanced

With digital import , it is possible to automatically or manually import data and images from digital speed and red light systems into AS_digital. The data and images are automatically converted to AS_digital archives when imported into AS_digital archives.

  • Convenient search and display of case data
  • Quick retrieval of stored cases with all data and images
  • Statistics and logging capabilities
  • Print function for selected cases and process data