AS Video – Measuring distance and speed

AS_video is a software solution that automatically detects speed and distance (vehicle to vehicle) violations from the surveillance videos of moving traffic.

With AS_video, a video surveillance tape of moving traffic can be automatically searched to detect instances of distance and speed violations. Such instances will be extracted as a video sequence and provided in a list format to the officer (user) for final evaluation and processing.

The system can be programmed for the permitted speed and minimum distance and the elasticity (i.e. higher speed requires more distance and vice versa. Once the parameters are set, speed and distance violations will be automatically detected.

AS_video reduces the manual processing time for traffic surveillance videos to a minimum and includes various software modules and corresponding PC technology.




  • Automatic identification and mark up of video sequences with relevant incidences
  • Connects with all common video recording systems
  • Automatic data transmission to all common ticketing systems
  • Complete evaluation at the PC workstation
  • User-friendly operation


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Master video


  • Automatic digitization of analog video data
  • Automatic rotation of the recording perspective of Videos
Assistant video
  • Convenient installation of video surveillance location
  • Allows synchronizing of measurement video with and identification videos
  • Automatic detection of relevant incidences
  • Switch between views/perspectives
  • Collect all relevant data into single case file
  • Manual post-processing of images and process data
  • Image Optimization for: Contrast, Brightness, Focus, Zoom
  • Create detail zoom sub-image, crop surroundings
  • Data interface to all common ticketing system
  • Export of video excerpts
  • Convenient search and display of incidence data
  • Statistics and logging functionality
  • Print function on plain paper
  • Export of process data into MS Office formats