Form & Filereader

ArgusForm can analyze and read highly complex forms with 1-D or 2-D barcodes, OMR (check boxes), vertically standing character, machine or handwritten text from various sectors.

Whether low contrast, low print quality ... Argus Form finds and reads manuscripts, typewritten texts and figures reliable. Whether documents from banks, insurance companies, government agencies, healthcare, trade and administration, everything is read and recorded:

For example :

  • Addresses (Zip, city, street, house number)
  • Produktcodes- and numbers
  • quantities
  • vendor numbers, invoice/receipt number, cheque number
  • logos

Thanks to the most innovative software and our experienced staff, based on your requirements we can provide you a solution based on our modules. Science-based techniques for extracting, voting through various reading engines, database comparisons and numerous data verification procedures guarantee you an optimal detection of all forms and data.

The connection to ArgusVideoCoding* guarantees high read rates. After gathering all your information and images they can either be transferred to your own database, your DMS, the Argus archives, or any other system easily.

Our system solutions are tailored to your needs and thereby have the highest read rates.

* ArgusVC is an efficient tool to validate and correct any recognition result.It supports this process by qualified suggestions of alternatives and runner-ups, highlighting regions of interest and a lot more … 


Formulare & Filereader



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