Intelligent Document Analysis (IDA)

AI is quickly becoming the strategic goal of many companies, the industry is under intense competitive pressure. In order to gain competitive advantages, it requires the use of cognitive technologies. In order to make predictive statements, one has to look into the past and gain insights from this data - for this we need the valuable archive data. Problem is that today only a certain amount of structured data can be used for cognitive analysis because remaining is where new unstructured data is added every day.

Ideally, all documents in the electronic archive will be searchable to understand the requirements of departments. Think of files, such as

·   Insurance records (contracts, claims, assessors/underwriter notes)
·   Health records (Ambulance staff/Nurses/doctors/surgeons notes,  Patient records)
·   Incoming post/invoices
·   Public/Government services (handwritten forms)

To handle huge amounts of incoming mail/documents, all these quickly needs to be:

-    converted into a standardized electronic format (e.g. PDF)
-    sorted by specific destinations
-    pre-classified by categories and urgency
-    pre-analyzed regarding specifics content.

This is where Planet’s Intelligent Document Analysis or better known as IDA comes to play. IDA is based on PerceptionMatrix*. IDA is a document processing platform built for businesses that need the flexibility and capability of an easy-to-use solution. Supporting high-volume,

complex document processing needs while delivering flexibility for processing rules and workflows.

The API easily integrates into existing client applications providing unprecedented control over document/form processing, document classification, extraction, search and retrieval.


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