Argussearch in speech

Our deep learning character recognition has revolutionized searching within documents.


With AI and machine learning at its core ArgusSearch can detect keywords or regular expressions in millions of digitally stored documents (machine print and handwritten) returning results where the keyword/s exist in the relevant documents.


Digital document archives are growing exponentially, driving increased demand for solutions that enable business process managers, researchers and  marketers, to quickly analyze and mine the accumulated data for business intelligence. As the demand for valuable analytics grows, many organizations are considering text recognition — searching within handwritten and machine printed documents  — as a way to quickly and effectively capture the value stashed away in their archives. Once relevant keywords are found, it can be sliced and diced to reveal valuable insights for improving intelligence, business performance, operations, marketing and sales, and more. When the need for searching within document collections  becomes apparent, ArgusSearch will be your preferred choice


 Why ?

No more transcribing those handwritten documents, use ArgusSearch to trawl through those digital documents to find specific keywords and only read through those where the keywords exists OR just let the machine do the hard-work and continuously trawl through to search a big list of keywords.


If you are looking at using the digital documents for analysis and intelligence. Analyzing documents can provide a  wealth of actionable insights and, ultimately, help differentiate their offerings in order to create a competitive advantage. Sales optimization and training, policy compliance, developing well-informed marketing initiatives, and more — the applications are many, varied, and value-driven.

As for why ArgusSearch, the advantages  are straightforward: we can tailor it to the exact  specifications of your infrastructure and craft a solution that aligns neatly with your business objectives.


Predictive analytics is traditionally accomplished by exploiting patterns found in historical, transactional and customer data to identify and optimize risks and opportunities through machine learning. By using ArgusSearch’s highly accurate keyword spotting to recognize keywords and making that data available to be combed for patterns, relationships and trends. ArgusSearch gives customers access to answers they’ve never had access to before.

"We can tailor it to the exact specifications of your

infrastructure and craft a

solution that aligns neatly with your